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fair Jobs

This is our priority ever since our foundation in 1995. Our focus is always on the people - we connect employer and employee to the satisfaction of both. Always level with the latest developments, we observe the entire job market in Europe and offer best opportunities for your professional perspective.


for employees

For employees, our service is always free of charge. Also, applicants never sign a contract with us or have any obligations towards us. Your satisfaction is our success. We fight any form of wage dumping, unfair working conditions and treatments. 
In most cases, we directly represent your employer. In that way, we are also your contact partner in all areas during your employment. We take care of big and small worries, even outside your direct work such as issues with the health insurance provider, payroll, certifications or any other issues.   


for employers

Recognizing and promoting potentials - we have mastered the complex processes of personnel services. Not only do we successfully educate human resource services consultants (IHK - Chamber of Industry and Commerce), but we also facilitate the acquisition of a dual university diploma in the major field of Human-Resource-Management.
Internationally oriented, we are your reliable partner in human resource services with full social security based on cross-border EU regulations.    




We in Europe — our experience for employers and employees

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