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The Netherlands

The Netherlands have an area approximately as big as NRW, with a slightly higher population. The country is mostly referred to as Holland. The reason for this lies in the historical province of "Holland" Similar to Germany and its federal states, there are 12 different provinces in the Netherlands, but with lesser political influence than in Germany. Besides the Netherlands, this kingdom also comprises the Netherland-Antilles and Aruba. 

The color orange is the typical color for the Netherlands. Historically derived, the royal family colloquially means "De Oranjes". Whether during games of the national teams in sport events or in regards to national holidays such as the Kings-day, whole street block and houses are decorated entirely in orange. Awareness for tradition and love for the homeland is of high importance throughout the country. 
The dutch Kingdom is considered a constitutional monarchy. King or Queen are not just representatives of the country. In the Netherlands, they actively participate in the, at times difficult formation of the government. And together with the State Council, which is appointed by King or Queen, they also have influence on the legislation. The dutch legal system is similar to the German system. Ensuring the uniformity of jurisprudence is the supreme principle.

Traditionally, the Netherlands are a leading trading nation.  In the 17th century, they were one of the strongest naval powers and an important colonial power. Especially the spice and bean trade mirrors today's love for coffee in the Netherlands. Coffee is served around the clock and for every occasion. Another pillar of the Dutch economy is agriculture, which has come to global recognition by utilizing the fertile polder landscape (Polderland), the application of windmills, their tulip and vegetable cultivation as well as an innovative animal husbandry.

The Dutch climate is maritime-moderate with pleasant summer temperatures and comparatively mild winters. The Dutch landscape is continuously flat. Beautiful coastal landscapes and the agricultural lowlands allow a diversified and vivid appearance. Water-borne transportation is of significant importance. Many large and small rivers flow across the country and Rotterdam is the largest European port.  


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